One of the main benefits of kayaking for fitness is the exceptional core and upper body workout you get with every paddle stroke. Each stroke of the paddle requires you to use your abdominal and upper body muscles and over time, you’ll eventually build strength and will ultimately tone these areas. Having a strong core is important as it assists with our posture and stability. This can help prevent back injuries and postural pain, later in life. If you’re paddling correctly, you will also be using your legs with each stroke; so really, it’s a full-body workout!


Cardio workout!


Not only will you increase strength and stability, but you’ll also get a great cardio and fat-burning workout from kayaking. The amount of calories each person will burn in a single session will depend on a few different factors, such as the intensity of the paddling, the distance covered, the type of kayak being done, the strength of the wind and of course, the tides and currents.


Why not try a game of Kayak Netball?


A great way to get the heart-rate elevated while kayaking, is to join a game of Kayak Netball, where you’re repeatedly paddling hard and chasing the ball, followed by a change in direction and a short rest. Our games are played in Lavender Bay (North Sydney) and Tunks park (Cammeray). Alternatively, you can try Sprint Paddling. Simply paddle hard for 100m or one minute (you can play around with different times and intervals), followed by a short rest of slower paced paddling to allow the heart rate to come back down.

Other benefits of kayaking


Other benefits of kayaking include being outdoors, enjoying fresh air and getting a vitamin-D top up. Paddling in a group can give you that much needed hour away from your desk, giving you time to exercise in a fun, social environment.


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