Kayaking is a great, relatively low-impact form of exercise. Paddling helps to develop strength and endurance, as well as flexibility and balance, not to mention core stability and muscle tone. When paddling with some effort, it is also great cardiovascular exercise, so good for the heart and blood circulation.

The above picture is of our Sunday morning Kayak and Boxing group, enjoying a 2 hour Group Fitness class on Middle Harbour. Guided by a Kayak Instructor / Personal Trainer, the session involves kayak training, to and from a small beach in Middle Harbour, plus a 30 minute Boxing and leg strengthening workout on the beach.

Strength Training

Like any form of exercise, it is important to strengthen and maintain the muscles and joints that are used during the sport, to help prevent injury. Some of the other positives in strengthening these muscles, apart from preventing injury, are, increasing the power in your paddle strokes, building up muscular endurance, so you can make the distance on longer kayaking trips, and doing resistance training can also help to develop coordination, balance and increased body awareness or proprioception.

Muscle Activation and Avoiding Injury

Proprioception and body awareness are important, so you know which muscles you are using and which muscles you should be activating during certain paddle strokes. This is particularly important during games of Kayak Netball or Kayak Sprint Training. During these sessions, we are pushing our bodies to their limits. If we aren’t training or firing the correct muscles, we are potentially going to sustain an injury.

Kayaking Technique and asking for Feedback

If you’d like to come along to one of our North Sydney Kayak Netball games or Kayak Fitness classes on Sydney Harbour, listen to the Kayak Instructor’s tips on posture and be sure to ask questions about your form and paddling technique. Ask for feedback and make sure you’re comfortable with how you are kayaking or playing Kayak Netball. Sometimes the tiniest of corrections or the smallest tips can make a huge difference to your results on the water.



Check out our ‘Fitness and Social Paddles’ class schedule or become a member and join one of our shorter, more leisurely paddles to get you started.

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