The Sunday Kayak and Boxing Class is one of my favorite SBK sessions, and on a gorgeous Summer’s morning, it’s the best way to start the weekend. However, it’s also the session that confuses people most when I tell them about it; so I thought I’d clear up a few frequently asked questions about the sessions in this week’s blog…

1. Do you paddle wearing boxing gloves?

Ok… No… Unfortunately we don’t. We leave from Tunks Park, Cammeray (near North Sydney) and head out on the water with gloves safely stored in SBK founder and kayak/boxing instructor Laura’s boxing bag. We paddle out into middle harbour, hugging the shoreline as we head round to a small secluded beach. Once on the beach, out of the kayaks and stood firmly on dry land, the gloves come out.

2. What if I’ve never boxed before?

Kayak and Boxing is great for a variety of ages and abilities. I had never ever boxed until last season, and then there are some people who have boxed for years but have never kayaked. The activities Laura prepares are ‘boxing-centered’ but also frequently include other high-intensity workout moves such as planks, press ups and squats. Everyone is partnered with people of similar height and abilities, and there’s always plenty of laughs as dogs frequently join us on the beach, attempting to distract us with their versions of a downward facing dog!

3. So do you box IN the kayak?

No, all the boxing is done on dry land. Occasionally, the tides won’t align with class times and therefore sometimes there isn’t enough sand on the beach to be able to hold the Boxing session there. If this is the case, we box at Tunks Park but still go for a paddle beforehand.

4. So after 30 mins of high intensity boxing, you then have to kayak back?? Won’t I be exhausted?!

Yes, you probably will be… But a good exhausted! With the adrenalin pumping from your early morning work-out, the paddle back always goes quicker than you think. As everyone shares stories with new found friends, and discusses the massive brunch they are going to cook after the session, suddenly we’re back at Tunks Park ready to stretch!

5. What do I wear?

As always, you may get a little splashed during the paddle, so wear comfortable sports clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet. If you’re seriously concerned about the water, ask Laura for a spray deck – however in the Summer, it simply gets too hot for them! Once on the beach, most people do the session in bare feet as we are on the sand. Boxing gloves, pads and beautifully scented white internal gloves are provided by SBK. Keep in mind that in the summer the beach is PERFECT for a post-boxing swim, so consider wearing swimmers underneath your activewear on super hot days!

If you have any further questions about this paddle, get in touch with Laura here.

Feeling pumped and ready to hit your first Kayak and Boxing Class? Click here to book!

See you out on the water soon!

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