Kayaking Lavender Bay to Barangaroo

We are really loving our Before Work Endurance Paddles on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We’ve been trialing a few new kayaking routes, one of them being a paddle from Lavender Bay to Barangaroo and back.
Our little group of local paddlers meet twice a week by Lavender Bay boat ramp at 6.15am. We enjoy hot coffee in our kayaks and paddle a different route every session. Sometimes paddling under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and around into Neutral Bay. Other days we paddle around past Blues Point Reserve and into Berrys Bay. Last week, we did a loop around Fort Denison and of course across to Barangaroo.


We ventured across the harbour to Millers Point and around Barangaroo with our coffees in our kayaks. It was an amazing feeling, as always, to have the entire Sydney Harbour to ourselves as we paddled with the bridge and Sydney Opera House in our view, gliding along the silky water as the sun rose in the background. Barangaroo has plenty to see, with sculptures and beauitful gardens. It looks especially lovely from the water at sunrise.

Coming back felt a little like Sea kayaking (in a good way!), with a few mini waves and a bit of wake from passing boats. This one is definitely not suitable for beginners, but if you’ve paddled with us before and you are able to stay together in a group, this is a great way to stay in shape.

With a coffee in our hands and an hour of fitness with friends, this is an incredible way to start the day.
If you’d like to give our endurance paddles a go, but you’re not sure of your experience level, send us an email at laura@sydneybykayak.com.au

Or simply click on the “view our schedule” button in the top right corner of this page and book online!

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