The war on waste is a big deal. It’s no secret that we have a huge problem with the amount of plastic and other rubbish that ends up in our Sydney waterways and oceans. Sadly, if we don’t start changing the way we think and act, by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish! This is overwhelming and might not seem like you can make much of a difference, but you really can, and it really doesn’t take much.

Last season, Sydney by Kayak offered free kayaking lessons and kayak tours, hitting the waterways, armed with buckets anSydney Harbour Rubbish collection on kayaksd
litter picker sticks, provided by North Sydney Council and Harbour Care. We spent two hours every Wednesday, collecting rubbish from our local Sydney waterways. It was really sad seeing how much rubbish we were collecting, but satisfying to know how much of a difference this was making. Our first day out in Long Bay, Tunks Park, we collected, as a group of ten paddlers, 13 garbage bags of rubbish, out of the water. As the weeks went by, this became less and less, leaving our bays, adjacent to Mosman and Northbridge, much cleaner.

We haven’t been able to run these daytime tours so far this season because our head Kayak Instructor, Laura, is home during the day, looking after the newest addition to the Sydney by Kayak family, baby Levi. As soon as our Little Paddler is old enough for daycare, Laura aims to get back out on the water during the day, offering those free clean-up paddles and kayak tours around Sydney Harbour.

Recently, Laura was introduced to the concept of #Take3ForTheSea. Sydney by Kayak have now committed to encouraging every paddler on every sunrise and weekend kayak tour, to collect three pieces of plastic from either the waterway or beach, before, during and after each kayak tour. Paddlers have been responding really well to this initiative, often picking up a lot more than three pieces.

take-three-for-the-sea-clean-up-sydney-kayak-tourSydney by Kayak have also recently introduced new, reusable coffee cups on all of our Sydney Kayak tours. This makes us feel amazing as we often run multiple tours per day, offering coffee in our kayaks on every tour!

Now that we have our amazing, environmentally friendly coffee cups and incredible #Take3ForTheSea initiative, we should be able to save approximately 5,000 takeaway coffee cups from landfill and over 14,000 pieces of plastic from our Sydney beaches and waterways, every year!

If you feel like you’re not making a difference by picking up that one plastic bottle or grabbing that tiny piece of rubbish out of the water, just remember what you are doing collectively. Let’s get the message out there, make a difference and #Take3ForTheSea
For more information on this amazing initiative and organisation, visit Take 3’s website here.

Use code TAKE3 and you can book into any of our Sydney Harbour Kayak and Coffee Tours, Middle Harbour Paddles and Kayak Fitness classes with 15% off until the end of the year! Check our upcoming tours by clicking on “View our Schedule” on the menu at the top of this page 🙂

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