What do Toddlers, ducks and farmers have in common? They love rain! October was an appalling kayaking month for us and our kayakers, due to endless rain and southerly winds. I think most people see this as being an opportunity for time off in our business, but sadly, it’s the opposite. When we have 10-30 people booked in for kayak tours each day and every forecast is suggesting bad weather, that means a lot of time in the office for us, rescheduling, refunding and making tough calls on the ever-changing Sydney weather.  



For those of you who know us, you’ll know we strive to offer an exceptional experience to everyone. From the initial correspondence with us, right through until after the tour and beyond. Amazing customer service (and safety, of course) sydney-weatherare our number one priorities, so if someone wants to cancel because the weather doesn’t look good, we will happily offer a refund or reschedule. This is always a tough call, and sometimes we get it wrong, resulting in a beautiful morning after cancelling, or on the other hand, getting caught out in the rain after making the call to go ahead. We’re not perfect and neither are the weather reports sometimes, but we do what we can to manage everyone’s expectations. If it looks like possible rain, we’ll recommend a raincoat or offer a refund or reschedule.


Some of our best paddles have been in the rain. We often see incredible rainbows and interesting cloud formations, which make for amazing photos! We understand its not for everyone, though. This is why we are flexible on days like these. Weather like this also opens up opportunities for our Responsible Paddlers. Heavy rain and southerly winds invariably mean lots of rubbish in the harbor. Our Responsible Paddlers, although they love a good sunrise, aren’t on the water for this purpose, so we can still get out there if its safe to do so, collecting all the trash that ends up in Lavender Bay.


On the plus side, our toddler, little Levi, LOVES the rain! He especially loves the puddles that it leaves on the ground. I’m not sure if it’s good parenting or bad parenting, but we love taking his shoes and socks off and letting him jump around in the puddles (he hates welly boots). If you asked him for the best thing to do in Sydney on a rainy day? He’d be quite happy just jumping in a puddle.. all day!


During October, we also thought about our farmers. They suffer a lot with drought and although we were suffering a little, we knew that our farmers were appreciating the rain. I don’t think they got as much as us here in Sydney, but any rain is better than nothing.Sydney Opera House kayaking


This leaves us with the ducks. Well, what duck doesn’t love the rain!? Whenever I felt down about how the start of the season was going or if I felt sad after making yet another wet-weather call on a tour, subsequently letting a group ofpeople down, I’d sit for a minute and think of the ducks, toddlers and farmers, who were loving the rain, and it would bring a little smile to my face.


November is here now and what a month it has been so far! More mornings like these, please, weather-gods!


One happy, dry paddler,



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