Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of kayaking?

Are you looking for an activity which is low impact but will also improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility?

Do you need to spend more time outside and you need a low impact activity to get you started?

Well, this blog is for you and the benefits of kayaking are HUGE – make sure you book your next kayaking adventure in your calendar ASAP.

Health benefits

  • Increased cardio fitness as kayaking is an aerobic activity (350 calories per hour)
  • Growth of muscle strength
  • Heart health
  • An infusion of vitamin D
  • Flatten and tone your tummy
  • Leg strength and toning
  • Low impact for your joints and tissues
  • It can be meditative/peaceful for a clear and happy mind
  • Reduction of stress and improved mental health
  • It can be social or it can be solitary
  • Not to mention it is a great way to just enjoy the outdoors and get away from technology

“Even a bad day kayaking is better than a good day at work”

One of the most positive aspects of kayaking is that it is a low impact exercise. What this means is that you will have minimal pressure on your joints and tissues. As mentioned above it is still aerobic exercise so you will burn calories and strengthen muscles. Kayaking is a great activity to add to your weekly routine.

A low impact sport like kayaking is known to help improve your mental health and lower your stress levels. Any aerobic exercise releases serotonin which helps to enhance your mood and your confidence. And who doesn’t want a clear and happy mind!

Meet new peopleWhat are the benefits of kayaking

Kayaking can be social. If you are looking to meet people who are not the people you work or live with Kayaking provides this opportunity.

Sydney by Kayak

Recreational Kayaking – This is what our tours can offer you in beautiful Sydney Harbour. You can spend time with friends and or family or take the business team out. We have many different tours to choose from.

Do you need a lesson in kayaking to get the best from your new found sport? Our qualified teachers can give you all the help you need.

Are you a responsible paddler? We are and we are committed to ensuring that we pick up more than our daily quota – why not join us for the experience.

So if you are looking to try kayaking get in touch or book a tour and we will handle everything else. You just need to be in some comfy clothes, hat and sunnies, a towel and a change of clothes in case you get wet from a splash or two.

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