About Us

‘Sydney by Kayak’ is owned and operated by Sydney Kayak Instructor, Laura Stone, and husband, Benjamin Pike. Having spent 5 years in the Fitness Industry, Laura further followed her passion for kayaking, offering a unique way for her clients to enjoy exercise and maintain their health and fitness, outdoors. Being on the water is an incredible way to start or end any day, and we love sharing the experience with others.

‘Sydney by Kayak’ is still very young, officially starting in 2013. Our vision was to create exclusive, small group tours, offering not only a guided paddle, but a complete experience on Sydney Harbour. Everything from fresh, hot coffee on the water, top-of-the range custom-made kayaks and experienced, qualified and friendly guides. We are proud to offer great kayaking adventures that are a wonderful way to escape from your everyday and enjoy the magnificent waterways of Sydney Harbour.

Australian Canoeing Accredited Kayak Instructor
Licenced by AMSA
Hire and Drive Licence HD0781 1-20

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