Kayak and Boxing Class

Weekly Fitness session on the water!

Why not join our Kayak Fitness group for a weekend morning Paddle and Boxing class on the beach? There are only 9 spots available in each class, meaning a more personable group workout.

The Plan

Departing from Tunks Park at a slightly earlier time (but not too early) of 8.30am and paddling to Clive Park beach in Sailors Bay. Here, we will enjoy (yes, enjoy!) a half hour high intensity Boxing session on the beach! This will include some body-weight leg work to give you a fun, full-body workout.

Depending on the paddling speed of the group, we anticipate this session will take around 1.5-2 hours, including the paddle to and from the beach, plus the 30 minute Boxing/Beach Bootcamp session and of course the launching and briefing at the boat ramp.



Your Instructor/Trainer for this class will be a fully qualified Instructor, who will design the session, ensuring a safe and enjoyable workout.

Tone your arms, back and abs, as well as your legs in this great morning fitness session on the water! Learn new kayaking techniques and build on your fitness level, ready for summertime paddling and fitness fun!



Meet by the Tunks Park boat ramp on Brothers Avenue at 8.30am on Saturday mornings. If you are driving, make sure you leave yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to find parking and get ready to get onto the water as it can get busy with boats and kids soccer on the weekends.

What To Bring/Wear

  • Wear comfortable kayaking clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting wet, as well as something you can comfortable train in on the beach.
  • A warm jumper or windbreaker in case of cooler mornings.
  • Bring plenty of water and sun protection, including sunnies, hat and sunscreen (the morning sun won’t be as bad as the middle of the day, but best to be careful).
  • Spare clothes and a towel for after the paddle.
  • Maybe a camera for the beautiful morning sun shots on the water ?


What Is Provided

  • All kayaking equipment, including single sit-inside kayak, paddle and life jacket.
  • All fitness equipment, including Kayaking and Boxing gear and light weights.
  • A professional, qualified Kayak Instructor and Personal Trainer.



Kayaking: This class is suitable for new(ish) paddlers, who would like to increase their kayaking skills, and experienced paddlers, who may like to be challenged and get fit for the summer.

If you haven’t kayaked before, we advise you to join our Monday night Kayak Skills class to get an idea of what it’s like being in a kayak and the basic technique for paddling.



All fitness levels can be catered for. If you are new to fitness, this is a great way to get in shape. Each exercise can be tailored to the individual and the beach session is only 30 minutes. The class will be tailored to suit all participants, so no matter what your experience level is, you will benefit from attending.



Online booking is essential to secure your spot in each class. You can book multiple sessions in advance to secure your spot or simply book-in, week to week.



If it is too windy or not ideal conditions for kayaking, each participant will be contacted to cancel the class. No refunds or rescheduled sessions will be offered for missed sessions if the weather is fine and the class goes ahead.

Please keep in mind that we will occasionally use our kayaks for day trips and overnight tours. On these weekends, our Kayak and Boxing class will not go ahead.


Location: Tunks Park

Times: 8:30am to 10:30am

Cost: $45

Skill level: Intermediate


Tunks Park Boat Ramp

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