Kayak Netball

Play a friendly game of Kayak Netball for Fitness and Fun!

Kayak Netball is a fun kayak fitness game our North Sydney corporates have been playing for fitness and fun throughout the last few summers in Sydney. With two teams of up to five kayakers, the objective is to score a goal, using the game ball, in one of two floating nets.

Participants are not allowed to paddle if in possession of the ball, and they cannot hold onto the ball for more than three seconds. This is a fast paced game, allowing players to exercise their core muscles and get a really good, heart pumping cardio session at the same time.

Games are always friendly and are usually played in Lavender Bay, North Sydney, making it popular for corporates to play after a long day in the office (6.15pm). You don’t need to sign up with a team, just sign-up and turn up and we’ll coach you and make sure you enjoy the game.

We play social, friendly games every Friday night, including pizza after the game, so new players can come down casually to give it a go and meet other players. If you’d like to play with friends any other night of the week, you can book a private friendly game for $280 for up to 9 players.

About Kayak Netball:

• Kayak Netball requires two teams of up to five players.

• There are two floating goals/nets set up in the water.

• The winning team is the team with most goals scored.

• You cannot paddle if you are in possession of the ball.

• You have three seconds to pass the ball to a teammate or dribble/throw the

ball two kayak lengths away from you. You can then chase the ball whilst your

teammates get into position.

• You can use your paddle to defend, by blocking the ball when it is in mid-air

and you can use your paddle to bring the ball closer to you if it is in the


• You cannot hit other players with your paddle. It is a non-contact sport.

• You are not allowed to hover around the goal. Keeping a good kayak length

away from it to defend is acceptable.

• You cannot touch or move the goals and you cannot hold on to others kayaks

when they are chasing the ball (yes, people have tried to do this).

• Play fair and have fun!


What to bring/wear:

• Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.

• Wear thongs /kayaking shoes/flip flops (you can play barefeet).

• Sunscreen, sunnies, hat and any other necessary sun protection.

• A towel to dry off after the paddle.

• A change of clothes for after the paddle.

• Plenty of drinking water.

• A dry bag or secure key box is provided for your car keys.

• Current launch locations is Lavender Bay.


What’s included in Kayak Netball Social Night?

• All equipment hire, including a single sit-in Grifinn kayak, paddle and life-jacket.

• A dry bag for your phone, keys and camera. (You can also leave these securely in our kayak van).

• A qualified, friendly and experienced Kayak Guide/Instructor.

• An exclusive, small group of up to 10 players, including your Guide. (Minimum 6 required for a game).

• Full safety briefing and kayak instruction prior to the game.

• Briefing on how to play, plus coaching and practice.

• Pizza for the whole team, after the game on Friday’s. (Please note: pizza is not provided for private bookings unless organized when booking).



Location: Lavender Bay/Tunks Park

Times: 6:15pm to 8.30pm

Cost: $50

Skill level: Beginner



Lavender Bay Boat Ramp

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