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Sydney by Kayak is an exclusive, small group Kayak Tour and Kayak Fitness business based in beautiful Sydney Harbour, Australia. We offer fun, group Kayak Adventures and Kayak Fitness classes, ranging from Kayak Lessons and the ever-popular Kayak Netball, to spectacular Sunrise Social Paddles (with coffee!) and Sydney Harbour Bridge tours in the Main Harbour.

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Sydney by Kayaks top tours to do in Sydney

Being a husband and wife team, working 7 days a week through the warmer months, Sydney by Kayak’s head Guides, myself (Laura) and Ben, usually take a break in winter. As a couple, we usually head somewhere warmer, where we can recuperate and rest for a few weeks,...

Take 3 For The Sea

The war on waste is a big deal. It’s no secret that we have a huge problem with the amount of plastic and other rubbish that ends up in our Sydney waterways and oceans. Sadly, if we don’t start changing the way we think and act, by 2050, there will be more...

How my Kayaking Business prepared me for Motherhood

How my Kayaking Business prepared me for Motherhood I have clear memories of my mother working from home and taking us to work, often doing more than one job at a time, as I was growing up. She was a hard worker and wanted to provide for her young family. I believe,...

Lavender Bay Launch Site

Lavender Bay Launch Site

Tunks Park Launch Site

Tunks Park Launch Site

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