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Advocates of rain coats and a sense of adventure!

Dress for the weather

Weather is notoriously difficult to predict, especially for a natural, sheltered harbour like Sydney and experience has told us that the forecast is often incorrect. We would hate you to miss out on a beautiful tour, so please arrive at the boat ramp regardless of the weather forecast.

A little wet

  • We want your Sydney by Kayak experience to be memorable for all the right reasons and we will do our best to get you out on the harbour for an incredible, safe and memorable experience. Paddles will go ahead if it just looks a little wet so pack your raincoat and sense of adventure.
  • Should it look unsafe for kayaking we will provide a store credit and/or an alternative date. For those of you who are coming from afar please call us the day before to discuss options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I haven’t kayaked before?

Our kayak tours and social paddles and a great way to experience kayaking for the first time. Kayak Guides will brief you on safety and demonstrate the best paddling techniques, ensuring you have a great time out on the harbour. Let us know if you are a ‘newbie’ on the paddle questionnaire, so we can give you all the pro tips before you hit the water.

What do I need to bring?

Just like a trip to the beach you will need sunscreen, water, hat, sunglasses and comfortable kayaking clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet from paddle splash.

Thongs/flip flops are ok in the kayak, but water shoes are highly recommended to protect you from oyster shells on the beach.

Do you have double kayaks?

We use single kayaks which are extremely stable, comfortable and great for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Never fear, if you fall behind or get tired, our guides will happily give you a rest by towing you along behind their kayaks. (This option is great for kids, although adults have been known to take us up on the offer too!).

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