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Social Kayak Tours

Enjoy an hour of kayaking in the fresh air and sunshine!

Lavender bay
Start time
From 9:30am
Allow 1.5 hours
From $65 per person
maximum paddlers
skill level
Experience a leisurely, yet informative one hour lap of beautiful Lavender Bay, basking in the sunshine and fresh air. Perfect for beginners, kids, and families, it's an ideal introduction to the joys of kayaking, with no ferry lines to cross or boat traffic to navigate.
Similar to kayak hire, except with the added benefit of two exceptional kayak guides, who will share fascinating stories, while also doubling as your personal photographer. Expect Instagram-worthy photos of you in front of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, from the calm waters of Lavender Bay, all whilst ensuring your safety on the water.
All equipment and photos are part of the package.
social paddles social paddles

What You Can Expect

Your own personal guide will meet you at Lavender Bay boat ramp (just look for the bright kayaks). After being fitted with life jackets and given a safety brief and kayak instruction you’ll head out on the water to enjoy some gentle exercise and fresh air on Sydney Harbour.

This kayak experience is definitely more “Social” than it is “Paddle”. Quite possible Sydney’s shortest guided kayak experience yet offers the most bang for your buck in terms of things to see, stuff to learn about and memories you will create with your partner, family, and new-found paddling friends. It is a social experience after all.

Your two amazing guides will meet you at Lavender Bay boat ramp (just look for the bright kayaks by the water). After being fitted with life jackets and given a safety brief and kayak instruction, you’ll head out on the water to enjoy some gentle floating and fresh air on Sydney Harbour, exploring the wonders of beautiful Lavender Bay.

This kayak tour does not leave the bay, cross any ferry lines or go under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, so it is perfect for beginner paddlers, children and families, looking for an introduction to kayaking. All tours are guided and have a full technique and safety briefing prior to departure. It’s sort of like private kayak hire, but better!

Each one-hour lap of Lavender Bay includes two experienced Kayak Guides/Instructors, there to keep you safe and ensure you are having an amazing time.

Hear about Sydney By Kayak’s sustainability initiatives, visiting the Living Seawall Boulders, and learn fascinating facts and stories about Sydney’s past, including Sydney’s early settlers, convict history and the epic builds of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, which you can see from inside the sheltered waters of Lavender Bay.

We will also take lots of photos of you on the harbour and send these to you after the tour, at no extra cost.

Included in your tour

  • All equipment including a single kayak, paddle and life-jacket (available in various sizes).
  • Qualified, experienced, and friendly guides/instructors.
  • Full safety briefing and kayak instruction prior to departure.
  • Free digital photos and videos, taken by your guides.
  • Hand sanitiser and sunscreen.
  • A safe, yet informative Sydney kayak experience from within the calm waters of Lavender Bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I haven’t kayaked before?

Our kayak tours and social paddles and a great way to experience kayaking for the first time. Kayak Guides will brief you on safety and demonstrate the best paddling techniques, ensuring you have a great time out on the harbour. Let us know if you are a ‘newbie’ on the paddle questionnaire, so we can give you all the pro tips before you hit the water.

What do I need to bring?

Just like a trip to the beach you will need sunscreen, water, hat, sunglasses and comfortable kayaking clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet from paddle splash.

Thongs/flip flops are ok in the kayak, but water shoes are highly recommended to protect you from oyster shells on the beach.

Do you have double kayaks?

We use single kayaks which are extremely stable, comfortable and great for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Never fear, if you fall behind or get tired, our guides will happily give you a rest by towing you along behind their kayaks. (This option is great for kids, although adults have been known to take us up on the offer too!).

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