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It’s no secret that we have a huge problem with the amount of plastic and other rubbish in our waterways and oceans. Sadly, if we don’t start changing the way we think and act, by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish! This is overwhelming and might not seem like you can make much of a difference, but you really can.

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In the past, Sydney by Kayak has offered free kayaking lessons and kayak tours, hitting the waterways, armed with buckets and litter picker sticks, provided by North Sydney Council and Harbour Care. We have spent countless hours, collecting rubbish from our local Sydney waterways. It was really sad seeing how much rubbish we were collecting, but satisfying to know how much of a difference this was making.

Sydney by Kayak’s Guides and Photographers are also committed to collecting a minimum of three pieces of rubbish per person, per tour, every single day, often collecting three bucket loads from the waterways and beaches!


More recently, Sydney by Kayak teamed up with North Sydney Council to run clean-up paddles with local businesses from North Sydney, who volunteered their time on Clean-up Australia Day to help us collect rubbish out of the harbour and from the foreshore. The feedback that we kept hearing was “we would have liked longer on the water” and “it would be great if we could do this more than once a year”. Well, Sydney by Kayak, North Sydney Council, the Better Business Partnership and Catfish Creative put their minds together to create a weekly offering of clean-up Kayak Tours in North Sydney. 

We will still endeavor to collect our minimum, daily quota, but we would also like to give others the opportunity to help us clean our local waterways and help us make a change. Every week, Sydney by Kayak will host guided, group paddles out of Lavender Bay, firstly showing new paddlers how to kayak, then guiding them around the spectacular Sydney foreshore, picking up rubbish, helping the environment and hopefully spreading the word of the Responsible Paddlers Movement on Social Media. If everyone who used the waterways, followed a few simple steps, the world would become a better place. Use reusable cups, don’t drop litter, educate our children and pick up when we see it.

As Catfish Creative would say.. “Alone we are a drop.. together, we are an ocean”

Our weekly paddles will run for 1-2 hours and include all kayaking and clean-up equipment, plus a hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in one of our reusable coffee cups. Enjoy some fresh air, hot coffee, great exercise and an opportunity to give back to the environment.

Join our Responsible Paddlers Movement and help keep our waterways and marine life thriving.

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